Business Processes Automation

Development of custom business processes automation software, instead of implementing modern ERP system is reasonable for the companies with the unique business processes and totally innovative companies.

The decision to use custom software development service instead of implementing modern ERP should be based in a large extent on a financial reasons.

The new challenge for the companies is to be prepared for the upcoming Cloud, Mobile and Big Data era and adapt software services accordingly

Unique product's manufacturing and worldwide distribution is an extremely complicated process that involves multiple internal and external parties and different technological operations. Typically existing processes involve many paper documents and archives, manual actions and calculation, time consuming semi-manual inventory processes.

SoftElegance is a custom software development outsourcing company with the experience to successfully launch business processes automation software into production. One of the SoftElegance's customers is a leader in providing superior tubing products and services to the well-servicing industry.

The aim of manufacturing custom business processes automation software is to manage and automate all processes of the manufacturing chain: from warehouse tracking, product manufacturing, and quality control to sales and material handling, through to post-sales support and service.

It was provided custom software solution and integration services for overall business processes in the company

Сustom software for business processes automation might be developed with the following additional features like custom online reporting system in each module, strict security policies, permissions, and roles, robust and instant alerting system. And the most important open and extensible architecture allowing for further improvements and third-party solutions and compatibility with various hardware.

The following reduced time spent on quality control procedures, time spent on inventory tracking, and time spent on service/shipment planning and tracking, improving efficiency and effectiveness as well as considerably reducing human errors factor in all operations.

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