Software Frameworks For Business Applications And Product Development

SoftElegance has developed several software frameworks and API to use in business applications and for product development.

SoftElegance’s consultants and data analysts can assist the client with the simple initial installation and configuration of data sources library or if the tool needs to be integrated with existing enterprise applications custom integration services are also available.

The Excel Reporting Engine is a unique web-based Business Intelligence tool that combines all the power of BI features with flexibility and easy of use. Integrated with the Microsoft BI platform that includes SQL Server, Analysis Server, SharePoint Server, PowerPivot, Excel Services, etc., it provides end users with the capability to design reports and conduct sophisticated ad-hoc data analysis using familiar features of Microsoft Excel worksheets.

The Corporate Hierarchy framework is a highly flexible back-end solution intended for management of the employees, roles, groups and hierarchies. It includes managing the enterprise organizational structure, managing the financial structure, managing management chains, and managing employee permissions and responsibilities.

The solutions are optimized for high performance by providing both Web Service and .NET objects API

The Workflow Engine framework is a back-end solution intended to empower custom .NET applications with flexible workflows, such as requests lifecycle or approval chains. The solution is integrated with the Corporate Hierarchy for the approval lookups. An extensive set of rules are available to determine the responsible person(s) based on their roles, groups membership and other conditions.

The Specification Metrics framework is designed to automate quality assurance measurement checks against a wide range of rules including: allowed ranges, value matrices, exact matches, custom formulas, etc. Applicable rules are automatically selected for particular items based on specification versions, item attributes, order details etc.

The Material Handling solution is intended to automate items movements over a large storage area. The physical location of each inventory item is tracked in the database, as well as all movement requests and inventory reconciliation results, which can be grouped in batches and scheduled for increased efficiency.

All Frameworks are packaged, configuration changes are required to start using it and additional programming is required to include the frameworks API calls into custom applications.

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