Custom software for Manufacturing industry

Manufacturing industry is demanding custom software solutions that allow to run lean – a lean manufacturing is now becoming a new competitive advantage. The challenge is to remove any inefficiencies from the supply chains – from production and material handling till service and quality control.

Over the decade SoftElegance provides business processes automation software systems, custom software solutions, and business applications for the equipment manufacturers, engineering companies, and heavy industry factories.

Fortune 500 list global equipment and components manufacturer was provided with a mission critical proposal generation software, having several thousand thick clients distributed worldwide, and quick, secure and efficient data change notification. Project has been developed and successfully launched into production, with future ongoing features development and support.

In 2006 SoftElegance has started its first project to deliver ultimate business processes automation software for an independent Fortune 500 company’s department, a leading worldwide equipment and components manufacturer. The following business areas were impacted by SoftElegance custom software solution: sales, production, operations quality, service, shipping, material handling and robust alerts module.

SoftElegance offers custom software development service to adapt current software system or create new SaaS solution using latest technologies and private cloud infrastructure

Together with global software solutions SoftElegance has launched several applications for specific business automation needs, mostly for manufacturers from the Fortune 500 list. For example, WPF application to be used in the fields for onshore platforms repair, engine and API to handle specific corporate hierarchy, custom BI tool, HSE applications etc.

SoftElegance's core team consists of business analysts and lead software developers with more than 10 years of experience in sophisticated business software development for manufacturing industry.

To effectively use individual's knowledge and team's experience, SoftElegance pays extra attention to processes of acquiring, sharing, and effectively using corporate knowledge. Knowledge Management refers to a various procedures of making the best use of employee's experience for delivering successful results.

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