Custom software for related industries

Through working on hundreds of initiatives and projects worldwide, SoftElegance is always focused on customer's industry, as knowledge in particular industry is extremely important.

For the oil & gas, manufacturing, drilling, engineering, retail business, and HR management industries SoftElegance successfully developed and launched into production various software solutions

SoftElegance's core team consists of business analysts and lead software developers with almost 20 years of experience to develop sophisticated business software with the focus on challenges in particular industry.

To effectively use individual's knowledge and team's experience, SoftElegance pays extra attention to processes of acquiring, sharing, and effectively using corporate knowledge. Knowledge Management refers to a various procedures of making the best use of employee's experience for delivering successful results.

SoftElegance uses fundamental guidelines from Rational Unified Process with its extensions — RUP for small and medium-size teams, CMMI best practices, IBM Institute for Knowledge Management recommendations to produce custom business software with quality assurance.

Please contact us for custom software development outsourcing for your industry.