Custom software for Retail industry

Retail industry is demanding custom software solutions that allow operate more efficiently – everything from supply chains and sales information to store operations and software services for the customers.

Over the last two decades SoftElegance has been providing business software development services, applications, and custom POS solutions for the customers from retail industry. Moreover, SoftElegance successfully developed several custom POS solutions, for specific industries and stores types.

The very first project for the customer from retail industry SoftElegance has started in 1997. SoftElegance develops label printing software solutions for all types of retail market players. Since then previous production versions’ support and continuous up-to-date development have been provided.

The software is designed for high performance, scalability and security. The solution is used across the retail industry and provides a sophisticated toolset, allowing the design of graphical signs and bar-code labels. Tens of thousands of end users operate this software at retail stores all over the U.S. on a daily basis.

SoftElegance offers custom software development service to adapt current software system or create new SaaS solution using latest technologies and cloud infrastructure

SoftElegance's core team consists of business analysts and lead software developers with almost 20 years of experience to develop sophisticated software for retail industry and POS systems.

To effectively use individual's knowledge and team's experience SoftElegance pay extra attention to processes of acquiring, sharing, and effectively using corporate knowledge. Knowledge Management refers to a various procedures of making the best use of employee's experience for delivering successful results.

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