Monitoring and Controlling

Clients are given continuous project updates in order to monitor project performance objectives, timeline objectives, and budget objectives. This gives clients the ability to direct and control personnel, software technology, and the overall development activities related to their project.

According to the Capability Maturity Monitoring Integration (CMMI) process, project monitoring and control are best described by the following goals and practices.

  • Performance and progress of the project is monitored against the project plan:
    • Monitor project progress against the project plan;
    • Monitor project objectives against those identified in the plan;
    • Monitor risks;
    • Monitor management;
    • Monitor client collaboration and involvement;
    • Review project performance and identify any issues;
    • Review project results periodically against project milestones.
  • Take corrective action so that project results do not deviate against the project plan:
    • Collect and analyze any performance issues;
    • Take corrective action to eliminate performance issues;
    • Manage corrective actions to closure.

Project monitoring includes complete transparency between SoftElegance and our clients, so that clients know how their budget is being used and how their project is progressing at all times.

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