Software Development Processes

SoftElegance implements the Rational Unified Process (RUP) to focus, define, and execute client software development projects. RUP was developed by IBM and has proven to be a successful model to standardize the development process. Continuous managerial guidance makes sure that all team members have an active role in performing and supporting the overall software development plan.

Consultation -> Client's requirements investigation -> Vision creation -> Use cases definition -> Software requirements creation -> Development -> Reporting -> Testing -> Features Implementation -> Software Review -> Final testing -> Deployment -> Software Release -> Support

SoftElegance uses the following developmental processes in all client projects:

  • Deep investigation of client requirements allows to get manifested requisites and eliminate all unstated needs presence;

  • Technology modeling using Unified Modeling Language™ diagrams;

  • Internal documentation creation to outline software requirements within the project framework;

  • Developing and creating robust code according to project plan;

  • Daily reporting to client regarding the project’s progress, budget, and timeline;

  • Software testing (including automated examinations) according to industry standards;

  • Features implementation and enhancement tracking to ensure proper software development;

  • Reviewing each software version against client-defined requirements;

  • Final testing once the product has been approved by the client;

  • Software deployment and release;

  • Continuous on-line and off-line support.

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