Quality Management

SoftElegance’s quality management procedures address both the management of clients’ software development projects and the end-use software product.

Quality management procedures encompass:

  • Anticipating software development needs: SoftElegance meticulously reviews initial project scope. If software architect anticipate any technology needs changes, the client immediately notified, so that customer has a unified project plan from the start;

  • Client satisfaction: software product will adhere to client's stated goals and be on-time and within budget;

  • Rigorous testing: software products are extensively tested in real-world situations, because SoftElegance experienced that preventing mistakes is less costly than fixing them;

  • Resources for success: SoftElegance’s team of developers and quality assurance engineers provide all the technological, coding and testing skills to create successful software products.

Over the past two decades, SoftElegance has created software solutions for dozens of satisfied clients using tested and proven quality assurance controls.

For more information about the nuts and bolts of quality management procedures, see SoftElegance’s streamlined processes. Repeatable processes follow the plan-do-check-act system as described by Dr. W. Edwards Deming to ensure appropriate quality management and control during the project.

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