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Spark Summit Brussels

Spark Summit Europe 2016: "Spark—universal computation engine for processing oil industry data" by SoftElegance

spark summit brussels

27 of October 2016 SoftElegance presented its latest experience in software development and data analytics for oil industry. The following archive available:

Spark Summit official preview

Slides of the Presentation

Video from the Session

Live Tech Night Show: "Ukrainian Artificial Intelligence". SoftElegance speaks at Brain TV

At Brain TV with Andy Starzhinsky, VP, SoftEleganceData and Yaroslav Nedashkonskyi, System Architect, SoftElegance

Artificial Intelligence Brain TV

In March 2017 SoftElegance participated at Live Tech Night Show at Brain TV. Please find the show on:



Artificial Intelligence Conference

AI Ukraine: "Digitization and Data Analysis in the Oil Industry" by Yaroslav Nedashkonskyi, System Architect, SoftElegance

ai ukraine softelegance

In 2016 SoftElegance's system architect presented "Digitization and data analysis in the oil industry. From sensors data collection to prognostic analysis" at AI Ukraine Conference in Kharkiv. The following archive available:

AI Ukraine official preview

Slides of the Presentation

Video from the Session

Interview on

Ukrainian Media Centre

Ukraine Crisis Media Center: SoftElegance's VP co-speaked at the press conference about ProfITDays events

softelegance profitdays

14 of September 2016 SoftElegance participated at the press conference and report about non-profit events ProfITDays — day of your new carrer opportunities

Press-conference overview...

Seattle Tech Days

European Business Association: SoftElegance's VP lead discussion panel “Big Data, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence”

seattle tech days 2016

25 of August 2016 SoftElegance partnered Seattle Tech Days, and moderated one of the discussions panel

The report at media...

Data Science UA

Data Science Ukraine 2016: How we tamed the industrial data. The example from oil industry

data science ua softelegance

In October 2016 SoftElegance presented its latest experience in software development and data analytics for oil industry. The following archive available:

Data Science official preview

Joint video from speakers

ITO & BPO Forum Germany

German Outsourcing Association: SoftElegance sponsored the ITO & BPO Germany Forum

german outsourcing association

23 of April 2015 SoftElegance participated as a sponsor of the ITO & BPO Germany Forum, and as a speakers at IT Outsourcing track with “Big Data – The Future Of Software Development” session.


See the article "Managing Creativity For Software Developers" in Outsourcing Journal.

Norwegian Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce

NUCC: SoftElegance invites to the business meeting in Oslo on 21 April 2015

norwegian-ukrainian chamber of commerce

With the support of Embassy of Ukraine to the Kingdom of Norway and Norwegian Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce SoftElegance invites to the business meeting “Big Data – The Future Of Custom Software” in Oslo on 21 April 2015.

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IEEE Ukraine Section

IEEEXtreme in NTUU “KPI”. Kyiv, Ukraine, October 2014


SoftElegance sponsored Ukrainian teams at IEEEXtreme Programming Competition 2014.

IEEEXtreme is a global challenge in which teams of IEEE Student members, supported by an IEEE Student Branch, advised and proctored by an IEEE member, compete in a 24-hour time span against each other to solve a set of programming problems.

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International Festival for Business

SoftElegance Participates at the International Festival for Business. Liverpool U.K., June 2014

festival for business in liverpool

SoftElegance participated in the International Festival for Business in June in order to build international connections with business owners and prospective clients..

"For us it was both a challenge and a chance to prove our maturity level during the meeting with the U.K.'s governmental organization. We appreciate a chance to present our services, success stories, and share the experience in software development."

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Prof IT Days

Prof IT Days. Ukraine, December 2013

softelegance profitdays

Please find the summary report from Prof IT Days 2013, the event where representatives of leading IT companies make presentations, conduct seminars, trainings, and master classes.

It took place December 21-th 2013 in Vinnytsia, Ukraine and is for people who work in the field of Informational Technologies.

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SoftElegance sponsored the seventh International Programming Olympiad. Ukraine, June 2012

softelegance international programming olympiad

SoftElegance announced its sponsorship of seventh International open student Programming Olympiad named after S. A. Lebedev and V. M. Glushkov "KPI-Open 2012".

KPI-Open conducted by the National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute» with the support of Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, and Cybernetic Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine..

Download press release from KPI...

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Manufacturing Business Technology

SoftElegance's Material Handling Solution Improves Inventory Tracking. Houston, TX.

manufacturing business technology

Manufacturing Business Technology, one the the leading manufacturing magazine has submitted the SoftElegance's success story “SoftElegance Develops a Toughbook Material Handling Application to Enhance Storage Facility Productivity”.

Manufacturing companies can now use reliable, wireless Panasonic Toughbook devices to improve yard communications, inventory management, and outdoor material tracking and reporting.

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The Association for Operations Management

association for operations management

The Houston Chapter of APICS strives to be the premier provider of a wide range of resource management related programs. The Association for Operations Management: Advancing performance, Innovation, and Competitive success.

In October's 2011 session it was submitted the presentation "Inventory Logistic Management Using GPS/Wireless System" by SoftElegance USA company. It was reviewed a Material Handling solution developed by SoftElegance to reliably track each item's movement around the yard using embedded GPS and integrated barcode scanner...

Please find more at SoftElegance's blog.

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