Dedicated Development Teams

SoftElegance has been providing customized software development, reliable project management, consulting, and dedicated software development teams services to fit clients’ needs and budgets.

Dedicated software engineers, programmers, analysts, and software testers offer on-demand software development expertise for a flat, affordable rate to create custom applications for business communications, business management, efficiency, and client interaction.

Improve, expand, and redesign current software using cutting-edge technologies and methodologies

Dedicated development team might consist of software architects, business analysts, developers, quality assurance managers, testers, and project manager draws from over 20 years of experience in the software industry and operate on customer's schedule. All infrastructure and personnel are at client’s disposal for a fixed monthly rate.

Clients retain all intellectual property rights, complete control over project objectives and benefit from developers trained in the most up-to-date technology, without the heavy expense of hiring a full-time employee:

  • Fixed monthly cost with no overhead — up to 60% less than on-site developers;

  • Control over human and technical resources throughout the duration of the project;

  • Ability to select individual members of the team;

  • Adjustable working hours to suit client operations;

  • Seamless integration of offshore developer into the team;

  • Intellectual property rights and security for sensitive data.

Streamlined processes ensure that project is completed on time and efficiently. Software application is 100% tailored to business goals — from increasing internal or employee efficiency to improving existing services for customers. Incorporating outsourced software development professionals into client operations for:

  • Software project development;

  • Large-scale IT projects;

  • Project management and organization;

  • Project maintenance;

  • Project quality control testing and documentation;

  • Efficient support for ongoing projects.

Customized software development is available for clients who need to develop software from the ground up or improve existing software. New application development and design based on current and future business needs and goals.

For current projects that are up and running but need a facelift or redesign, SoftElegance’s dedicated senior developers, software architects and business analysts can consult for:

  • Improving, redesigning, or refactoring software architecture;

  • Updating current technologies and services;

  • Refactoring and optimization of database, other performance optimization tasks, such as load balancing, and front-end optimization;

  • Managing small and medium-sized teams using effective approachof Rational Unified Process;

  • Developing cutting edge software products with all benefits of .NET Framework and related to MS technologies;

  • Supplementing client’s short-term staffing needs for expertise in specific technologies or methodologies.

Dedicated development teams can seamlessly integrate with customer's existing IT and development teams — offering flexible terms and access to reliable, continuous software development support.

Over the past two decades, SoftElegance has created software solutions for dozens of clients on approximately a hundred of projects.