Success Stories

Proudly presenting success stories of our valuable customers

Business Processes Automation Software

Leading U.S. tubing manufacturer improved business processes automation using custom software development service. It was provided custom software solution and integration services for all the business processes in the company. The decision to use custom software instead of implementing modern ERP was made by the company to a large extent because of financial reasons.

Software-as-a-Service System for Offshore Drilling Companies

SaaS success story: SoftElegance develops and launches a reliable, secure software solution for an international offshore drilling company. WellEz needed a new software system to capture and consolidate daily well operations data, generate reports, and distribute e-mail. The company also needed a system that could handle large amounts of data due to its rapidly growing business.

Material Handling Application to Enhance Storage Productivity

Manufacturing companies can now use reliable, wireless devices to improve yard communications, inventory management, and outdoor material tracking and reporting. System tracks the material locations over the territory, the move requests and completed material moves. It is used to assist both the office personnel and the workers who perform actual material moves on the forklift cars.

Solid and High-Performance Web Engine

Offshore software development success story: SoftElegance technology overhaul establishes RNY portal as a modern web solution. The original goal of RNY was to offer a solid web portal to people in New York. The project was close to failure, so RNY hired SoftElegance as a software development partner to develop RNY Web Engine.

Utility for Translating GIS User's Data

Creation of the utility for translating user data from Atlas GIS file format into MapInfo file format. MapInfo is the leading provider of Location Intelligence solutions, integrating software, data and services to provide greater value from location-based information and drive more insightful decisions for businesses and government organizations around the world.