Solid and High-Performance Web Engine

Important update: In 2014 RNY portal was sold to another company together with RNY Engine. The original solution is available by request only.

Offshore software development success story: RNY is transformed into the leading ethnic web portal in the U.S. after a partnership with SoftElegance.

The Situation

The original goal of RNY was to offer a solid web portal to Russian-speaking people in New-York, complete with daily news content, social media features, tools for small businesses, e-commerce elements, and admin features. Instead, the legacy system used several separated, out-of-synch solutions and databases with obsolete technology, which made the web portal slow and unstable. Without modern website technology, RNY ran the risk of falling behind competing web portals.

The project was close to failure, so RNY hired SoftElegance as a software development partner, hoping that a design and technology overhaul could save their web portal, starting with development solid and high-performance software engine.

SoftElegance’s team of developers made a quick turnaround. They chose to continue working with the existing source code, and just six months later the web portal was stable and sustainable. Within a year, the portal went live and brought end users a modern web portal with social networking advantages similar to those found in Facebook and Google+.

Solution: Outsource a Team of Experts

Many manufacturing companies use manual processes to track inventory and provide project status updates. Over the years, these traditional methods have proven to be inefficient, costly, and time consuming for yard and shop employees, In the yard, lost inventory and products that can’t be located can negatively impact profitability. And, without a reliable way to track how many moves are made around the yard in a given day, many organizations lose money because they cannot determine the optimal number of employees and forklifts required for route optimization.

“SoftElegance was brought to the project when it was about to fail,” said Mikhail Dudalenko, VP of RNY, “We were inspired by their efficient, professional manner. By partnering with SoftElegance we were able to stay on time and on budget”.

Despite the quick turnaround, the project wasn’t an easy task: .NET 1.0 didn’t even exist when the first version of RNY was built, but SoftElegance managed to take the original source code and develop the new RNY using .NET Framework – a decision that ultimately led to faster development and greater savings. “Working with old code can be tedious,” said SoftElegance programmer, Boris Podporinov, “but using .NET allows us to create fast, scalable, and secure applications with a wide range of features in a short period of time.”


In addition to developing with .NET, SoftElegance used Windows Server, MS SQL Server, and IIS.

After updating RNY’s code, the social media web portal went from being slow and glitchy to becoming a technology leader amongst ethnic social portals in the U.S. The current software version uses development, staging, and production servers. The production server runs on cluster with 2 Windows 2008 R2 Server, and the SQL Server 2008 R2 runs on a separate server with RAID and daily backups. In addition, the .NET Framework 4.0 and IIS 7.5 make RNY a fast, scalable, and easy to maintain web project.

After one year of software development partnership with SoftElegance, RNY successfully runs in production, with modern social media features and a complex server infrastructure. The SoftElegance developers transferred all legacy source code and BDs infrastructure to the latest MS’s, .NET Frameworks, and other related technologies like SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008, and IIS. The portal now maintains millions of records in its database and handles thousands of daily users.

Features of the New RNY engine

The overhauled RNY web portal features the following:

  • For social media: RNY contains features similar to those of Facebook, such as contacts, user profiles, messaging capabilities, comments, photo galleries, chat, and events, plus blogging tools and more;
  • For e-commerce: RNY is the leading web portal for distributing show and event tickets in the New York area;
  • For advertising management: RNY’s advertising management system includes user driven banner campaigns and the ability to target promotions to a specific audience and geo-location;
  • For admins and editors The web portal contains a wide range of admin features for editors and site admins, such as multiple CRUD (create, read, update, delete) features, separate tagging, UI with wide search, and filters across the whole database.

The Future of RNY

Now that the web portal is finished with production, RNY has moved onto the support phase and will bring the latest technologies and social features into the project. Going forward, the company mission is to stay up-to-date for their users by bringing all the features of modern social networking into their online community.

In 2014 RNY portal was sold to another company together with RNY Engine.

Additional projects

While developing the new RNY, SoftElegance successfully launched several related sub-projects. The most valuable is the ‘DB migration’ project. In previous versions, this portal used several different separated databases: MySQL and MS SQL Server. The project was created with the goal of exporting all user profiles (approximately 90,000 users) and other user data to the new BD structure powered by Microsoft SQL Server 2008, including the latest security requirements.

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