What is a Dedicated Team?

When you seek to reduce the cost of software development, working with a dedicated development team seems a better option than other business models. Dedicated Team (DT) is a remote team contracted by an outsourcing company to work earnestly towards the achievement of your project. In a Dedicated Team business model, you can communicate directly with these specialists contracted for your task, as well as manage their work.
A dedicated team perfectly fits in when there is a lack of appropriate IT talent in your area, or a particular skill required for one project only that cannot be obtained within your company. It also prevents spending more on salaries and likely overhead expenses that occur when you work with local staff.
Benefits of a Dedicated Team
1. Economically Reasonable

When you work with a dedicated project team, you’ll be eligible for an agreed monthly cost, which is cheaper than when you employ local staff, and there’s no overhead charge.

2. Task Focus & Adaptability

When you work with a DT, there are not many distractions because the team is at your disposal.

3. Well-Qualified Specialists

You’ll be in charge of all resources being used for your project (both human & technical); well-qualified specialists will be at your disposal during the project.

4. Fast-Paced Development Cycle

The DT will be dedicated to your project only, full time.

5. Collaboration

There is typically a definitive collaboration between local employees of your company and the remote DT.

6. Continuous Integration

In a dedicated team business model, you can retain the dedicated development team for a long time or engage the same specialists again when your project needs to be revisited.

How does SoftElegance work?
Work on Project
Supervision and Management of the Project

You have to provide a list of competencies and qualifications of software developers and other specialists, as well as a working plan for your project.


SoftElegance analyzes your inquiry and suggests CVs of specialists who are the best fit for the project. Once each member of the dedicated team is determined, the terms are agreed on and the appropriate agreement will be signed.

Work on Project

Your dedicated team starts to work on your project according to a specified schedule, and throughout the specified period in which the project is expected to be completed, the dedicated team will continuously work during regular business hours on the terms of the agreement.

Supervision and Management of the Project

Once the dedicated developers have commenced working on a project, you have full powers and management control over the team, as well as over the project. Dedicated teams are keen on providing the best results for each project they work on. This includes remote access to their working environment, real-time communications, online meetings, etc.

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