"WellEz has been utilizing SoftElegance as a strategic partner for more than a decade, we are very satisfied with the exceptional technical skills in development, comprehensive project management, essential knowledge of the Oil and Gas industry, and through quality assurance procedures. SoftElegance's commitment to our long-term goals has shown them to be a true partner in our continued growth and success."

“Their willingness to invest conceptually in the project made the engagement feel like a strategic partnership. The experience was largely positive, and SoftElegence diligently lived up to all their commitments. They had a clear desire to meet or exceed expectations and always found ways to complete tasks on time. SoftElegance proposed and developed technology solutions for a fraud detection platform that monitored threats and recovered credentials in the e-commerce sector.”

"I would like to tell your company thanks. I also will be telling other companies how great a product you can produce. We appreciate what you are doing and hope for a lasting relationship."

"I wanted to express my personal thanks to you for the wonderful job you did. It is such a delight to have programmers do it right the first time around and to have it run efficiently. Again, thanks for your hard work."

"I will be happy to refer your company to other people. We are more than satisfied with the quality of work you have done for ProphetLine."

"We are happy with the work you have done for us… Thanks for the quick turnaround!"

"It’s been like having our own team when you look at the commitment they give to the project. SoftElegance transformed an inadequate codebase riddled with bugs into an intuitive, fully-functional platform. The project leadership contributed several important ideas throughout the process, clearly demonstrating their ability to tap into industry experience to improve the end-product. SoftElegance inherited an incomplete solution from another supplier. The team first migrated all existing code to Microsoft Azure before then finishing the job. Feature enhancements are now the central focus. "

"As someone who wanted software built, but didn't really know much about the process, I really appreciated being able to work with people who could make it so simple for me. I had a general idea of what I wanted, but they were really great at filling in the gaps and coming up with ideas and functionality that I never even thought of. The end result was a program that was even better than I could have hoped for and I really can't thank SoftElegance enough!"

"eConscribi has been using SoftElegance's dedicated development team service since 2012 — and we are more than satisfied with the company’s skills and knowledge within Microsoft .NET Framework, ASP.NET MVC, and AWS, which was critical when developing our pioneering SaaS eRecruitment solution."

"SoftElegance was brought to the project when it was about to fail. The team of talented developers made a quick turnaround. We were inspired by their efficient, professional manner. In six month we had stable version and six month later the system went live. By partnering with SoftElegance we were able to be on time and on budget.

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